Police Buy 600 Sniper Rifles, 4000 AKs To Crush Anticipated Protest Over Deteriorating Economy

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government is reported to have bought an assortment of lethal weapons for the police as it prepares itself to crush anticipated protests over the deteriorating economy and living conditions in the country.

According to the Zimbabwe Independent, the police has purchased a variety of lethal weapons and more sophisticated teargas canisters in order to quell protests. The new teargas canisters have a mechanism which makes them very hot once they are deployed to prevent protesters from picking them up and throwing them at the authorities.

The publication reports that some of the weapons which have been purchased are as follows,

3 343 AK-47 Rifles
2 000 CZ Pistols
500 Pl Pistols
500 Steyrs
500 UZI Submachine guns,
500 Mossberg Shotguns
500 Riot Guns
300 Mortar Tubes
500 MAG
300 SSG Sniper Rifles
300 Dragnov Sniper Rifles
100 RPG7
1 500 Tokarev
22 948 AK Magazines

According to the report the authorities are still shaken by the #Shutdown Zimbabwe protests which took place in January and degenerated into violence.

-Iharare News

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