PROPHECY:Watch Zim Army wont stop June mass uprising

Divine Kingdom Ministries Founder Pastor Ian Ndlovu has issued a chilling prophecy regarding violent activities that will take place in Zimbabwe during the month of June.

Ndlovu who has earned a reputation of issuing prophecies that come to pass said the violence that will take place will not be stopped by any one.

Ndlovu’s prophecy come at a time when government has arrested human rights defenders in connection with a plot to unseat President Emmerson Mnangagwa through violent protests during this month of June.

Last week the police issued a statement that they are ready to crush any mass uprising that threaten peace and stability.

Ndlovu further said there is lot of plots in higher places to unseat Mnangagwa.

The following are some of the words that he uttered:

The months of June and June have clouds of violence. The Holy Spirit is saying the month of June is a month of supplication and intercession.
When this violence if it starts it will spiral out of control. To end t will require the outside world to assist.

When violence starts not even the army will be able to stop it. I am even seeing intrigue happening in higher places.

No amount of threats or force will stop the catastrophe, those in high places must avoid being arrogant for those in low places to exercise patience.

Time is almost running out.

Watch the video below:

– Byo24News
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