Temba Mliswa defends Auxilia Mnangagwa

Norton Member of Parliament temba Mliswa has defended First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa after social media critics accused her of wearing uniforms of different churches on two different occasions.

Mliswa said Zimbabweans must be tolerant to the First Lady’s hardworking and inclusive initiatives.

“Once we dwell on discrediting the First Lady we’re really losing focus. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with her wearing the uniform of a place she’s attending in respect and fellowship. Everyone is aware that the family are Methodist, if anyone,the complaints should come from them,” Mliswa said.

The firebrand politician added that Mnangagwa’s activities do not affect the country economically since she is not using government resources.

“Tolerance is about being all inclusive and not selective. “When in Rome, do as the Romans.” The FL is a hardworking woman who goes about her charitable work with great gusto and she’s spot on to observe different affiliations.

“The FL’s activities don’t affect us economically, she doesn’t use Govt money. Let’s focus on abolishing corruption and removing corrupt, those are bread and butter issues.”

Mnangagwa has of late come under fire from some critics who are accusing her of copying the same antics used by the Former First Lady Grace Mugabe to ursup state power and be on the limelight.

Mnangagwa is a former lawmaker who is feared in her Midlands area.

– Byo24News

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