War vets voice concern over price hikes

WAR veterans in Bulawayo have expressed concern over wanton increases in prices of commodities, saying the issue needs to be urgently addressed.

Speaking during a meeting at Entumbane suburb on Tuesday, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association Bulawayo province chairperson Cde Cephas Ncube applauded Government for introducing Silo shops that sell basic commodities at affordable prices across the country.

Cde Cephas Ncube

He, however, said there is a need to guard against hoarding of commodities sold in those shops.

“Regarding basic commodity prices, it has been noted with concern that there are some supermarkets and individuals that have started selling commodities at exorbitant prices. This unabated price hike of basic commodities, especially in the past two weeks, is affecting our people in a negative way and we call upon the Government to put measures to control this,” Cde Ncube said.

“I’m glad that our Government’s initiative to cushion consumers against high prices is being implemented as silo food shops established by the Grain Marketing Board (GMB) are now operational throughout the country.”

He said war veterans or Government officials operating shops must not join the price hike madness.

Cde Ncube said it is difficult to give hope to the general public if the same people expected to come up with measures to address the situation are directly involved in wantonly increasing prices.

“We are tired of seeing our Government officials who are also respected members of the party increasing prices three-fold and at the same time telling people that things will be normal. It doesn’t make sense,” he said.

— Chronicle

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