WATCH: In Love Again… Meet Soul Jah Love’s New Bae See pics

Soul Jah Love’s new bae

Controversial dancehall chanter Soul Jah Love, real name Saul Musaka, has found new love in the form of one Geraldine Baye.

Geraldine hit the headlines in 2015 when alleged chats between her and a friend went viral after leaking online.

In the chats, Baye plotted to win over rich men by mixing sper_m and poo.

She allegedly revealed that she was trying to make a “rich” businessman love her using the bizarre ritual.

She however denied that the chats were hers and said someone was trying to tarnish her image.

Jah Love’s new relationship was revealed after videos of her Whatsapp status went viral.

In the videos, jah love says “Ndiri Kudhanda Muchina, kudhanda munhu anorwadziwa nekubika sadza” . Baye in the background laughs it off and says “babe hautumwe munhu kuti akubikire”.

Watch the video below

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