WATCH | Ndezva Baba Tendai Biti Exposes Top People Running Fuel Cartels In Zimbabwe

In a rare video, Tendai Biti was captured at the recently held MDC Congress in Gweru discussing the issue of fuel cartels in Zimbabwe in the wake of persistent shortages and price instability of the commodity.

The MDC Vice President goes in detail and gives the specific details of who is the power behind the fuel cartels that successive Energy ministers since Robert Mugabe‘s days have failed to dismantle.

When Fortune Chasi was appointed Energy Minister two weeks ago, political analyst Alex Magaisa remarked that Chasi was a good fellow, but he had just been handed a live snake.

Said Magaisa: “Fortune Chasi has shown himself to be a level-headed and engaging performer. But by all accounts he has been handed a live snake. If he can tame it, his stock will surely rise.”

Chasi put up a brave face and later on sailed he’ll skin the snake alive!

Watch the video below of Tendai Biti speaking emphatically about the fuel cartels below:

Source: ZOOMZimbabwe

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