“Hor_ny Prisoners Should Not Be T__ortured By Bev Opening Her Legs Doing Raunchy Dances”

Controversial businessman and socialite, Wicknell Chivayo, has spoken out on the recent visit of dancer Beverly Sibanda to Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison where she entertained inmates.

Chivayo who served three years at the infamous prison for fraud said that it was not appropriate for the male prisoners to be subjected to such entertainment as it would trigger their se_xual desire while they had no outlet for it.

Speaking to local publication, H-Metro, Chivayo said,

It is not good for prisoners to have that kind of entertainment seeing Beverley opening her legs with all those dance moves. Those guys will be horny, vanenge vaine hukasha baba.

I am talking from experience unlike you. It’s not an easy situation to stay without a wife for about a year or two years.

Even when prisoners get a newspaper vakangoona kamukadzi kanenge kakatsvukira kunge Chigumba, kungoona gumbo chete newspaper iroro rinochekwa baba vanhu vachiita kurwirana. It is not good at all.

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While the move was condemned by many quarters, the prison authorities have defended the move saying that it was just entertainment for the male prisoners. Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service public relations officer, Chief Correctional Officer Meya Khanyezi told H-Metro,

Why do we have to segregate male inmates? The prisoners had a day to remember and it is the concept of music behind walls which is important for prisoners. When male musicians perform at female prisons people are quiet about it and when females perform for male prisoners you hear some discontent voices which is wrong

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