Zimbabwe committed to democracy, says Mnangagwa

ZIMBABWE is committed to entrenching constitutionalism and adherence to democratic tenets as critical pillars in transforming the country towards desired prosperity and contributing to regional and international progress, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said yesterday.

In his speech after being conferred with a Special Honorary PhD Law Degree here by the University of Zambia, the President said Zimbabwe and indeed the entire region, were endowed with vast opportunities despite facing numerous setbacks.

This reality calls for a paradigm shift and requires greater impetus among regional leadership for closer co-operation and integration across all spheres.

“In our quest to achieve sustainable economic development, it is imperative that we remain cognisant of the role of law as a universal instrument of development. To this end, we must commit as countries and as a people to entrench within our respective jurisdictions, constitutionalism and democratic tenets for the good of our people,” said the President.

“We must thus, strengthen legal frameworks and institutions, which fight corruption as well as propel the modernisation and industrialisation of our economies to improve the livelihoods of our people. As African governments we must never shy away from entrenching the rule of law for the people to benefit and protect them.”

President Mnangagwa, who is a lawyer by profession and is an alumni member to the University of Zambia also said empowerment of ordinary people must be a governance priority that should be administered continually with increased focus towards management of economies, political, cultural, scientific and social interests of the country through various channels and institutions provided by law.

To achieve a better tomorrow and the desired prosperous Africa, Dr Mnangagwa called for collective involvement towards ensuring that people’s aspirations, interests, wishes and rights were embodied, not just in laws but also in the prudent implementation of the set development agenda.

“Our people must always be encouraged to share a common aspiration to respect the law, trust the law and defend the law,” he said.

To that end, President Mnangagwa said higher education was a critical component of sustainable development, adding that one of the greatest legacies that his Government desired to bequeath to future generations was quality education that is anchored on the needs of the market and is in line with global skills demand.

“It is my wish that the youth of today similarly take advantage of higher and tertiary learning institutions to capacitate themselves to contribute towards poverty eradication and ultimately in the modernisation of their countries,” said Dr Mnangagwa.

-Sunday news

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