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Jonathan Moyo Takes Mnangagwa Fight To New Level… Exposes Treasury Bills Scandal

FORMER Zanu PF chief propagandist Jonathan Moyo, who is in exile, has taken to social media to spill the beans on how Treasury Bills have been used by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his inner circle to loot State resources.

Moyo also lays into top military figures in Zimbabwe and ‘exposes’ how they benefit from State assisted corruption and plunder using Command Agriculture, the fictious 1:1 exchange rate as well as precious mineral resources like diamonds.

Read the unedited statement just released by Jonathan Moyo below:

While it’s bad that corruption in Zimbabwe has ravaged the economy, destroyed livelihoods and eroded society’s moral fabric, what’s worse is that the fight against corruption remains a corrupt fight by the most corrupt elements in the country to hide their corruption!

The economy is bleeding and dying with money losing value not because of a $12K Fruitful Communication/Zesa PR deal involving Undenge, Mazivisa and Pambuka, or Tsholotsho bicycles or a managerial appointment by Dr Parirenyatwa at National Pharmaceuticals but because of #TBgate!

#TBgate is a mega corruption scam through which billions in USDs were corruptly printed between 2013 and 2019 under a fictious 1:1 exchange rate to effectively line up the pockets of linked individuals for their personal benefit at the expense of the economy and the public good!

#TBgate is the most far reaching corruption scandal in Zimbabwe involving systematic and corrupt abuse of USD billions under: *Command agriculture *Fuel imports by cartels *Dark imports for unspecified and unauditable “operations”, siphoned through Mobutu-style payments!

#TBgate has had a devastating impact on the economy and the livelihoods of ordinary people because of its link with other systemic corruption including but not only systematic theft of diamonds, never mind whether its quantum is USD 15 billion or whatever: the value is huge!

Paranthetically, the corrupt fight against corruption is exposed by the fact that absolutely nothing is being done or said by Matanda-Moyo, Zanu PF youth, ZRP, ZACC,NPA, SACU, the judiciary or state media about Zimbabwe’s stolen diamonds and their actual value!

Related to stolen diamonds given #TBgate, is gold theft. Before the coup, machete-murders were rife in the Midlands over the control of the sale of Zim gold. Since then gold smuggling has become rampant. Gold smugglers now run the country, which they are also running down!

There’s a link between #Tbgate and the plunder of the country’s key resources, diamonds and gold, to corruptly benefit some individuals, their families and cronies. These are the individuals who unconstitutionally seized power by the threat and use of military force in Nov 2017!

Against this backdrop, it’s disquieting that the new ZACC chairperson, Loice Matanda-Moyo, has assumed her post full of sound and furry signifying nothing about the fight against corruption. It seems her brief is to cover up the REAL corruption that has destroyed the economy!

Why is Matanda-Moyo talking too much and setting an agenda with SOLO paradigmatic policy pronouncements in ZACC ‘s name when ZACC is not yet fully constituted? ZACC is not a one person show but a constitutional body run by a board and not a chairperson running amok, alone!

What makes Matanda-Moyo’s case untenable is that she does not inspire any public confidence because she comes to ZACC as a tainted ZanuPF judge with no history of judicial independence. Matanda-Moyo is a well established judge of the system, not a judge of the people!

Already, and acting solo without a board, Matanda-Moyo, a war veteran, has associated herself and ZACC with the ZanuPF youth league and the national war veterans association, whose members claim to be Zimbabwe’s stockholders, as key sources of evidence on corruption for ZACC !

Matanda-Moyo has boasted that she has the NASA audit report and ZACC will make arrests soon. Good but not reassuring. Will ZACC make arrests on the basis of audit reports or investigations? Is the NASSA audit report the only one? And the audit report on Command Agriculture?

But the crucial question facing Matanda-Moyo is this: can the public trust that she will lead ZACC to investigate the real and systemic corruption, #TBgate, that has led to the collapse of the multicurrency system and the destruction of people’s livelihoods? The answer is no!

Yet but for #Tbgate corruption, livehoods have been destroyed; no Zesa for 19 hours or more daily; health and education services have collapsed; salaries now valueless; exponential price hikes are the order of the day, as Zimbabwe has become hell on earth for ordinary people!

Instead of dealing with #TBgate, Mnangagwa has come up with another self-serving “anti-corruption” crusade to purge his political rivals. Before it was the so-called G40, now it’s his coup conspirators; like Obert Mpofu and Jacob Mudenda who facilitated his power grab!

It is not surprising that Matanda-Moyo has shown a willingness and eagerness to assist Mnangagwa in his latest purge of political rivals under the corrupt pretext of fighting corruption. Mnangagwa is working closely with Sibusiso Moyo, Matanda-Moyo’s husband and Mthuli Ncube!

The new power block in town is revolving around Mnangagwa, Minister SB Moyo and Mthuli Ncube; with SB Moyo, the coup announcer, emerging as the most vicious of the trio and literally calling the shots and targeting his perceived enemies in ZanuPF and officials in govt and parastatals!

Emmerson Mnangagwa jr has emerged as a notorius busbody in the mix. Working in cahoots with rogue security elements and ZACC officials, he engineered the names targeted by the ZanuPF youth, whom he briefed ahead of their presser. He’s threatening to use ZACC to target more!

Notably and like one of his siblings now rivaling Fidelity Refineries as a major gold dealer, Emmerson Mnangagwa jr has become filthy rich. Public eyes are wide open to see if Matanda-Moyo wiil use the new law on unexplained wealth to get Emmerson Jr to explain his wealth!

The real questions on the corruption that has collapsed the economy and destroyed livelihoods are these: *Who will investigate and act on #TBgate? *Who will investigate the billions of TBs stolen under Command Agriculture? *Who will investigate diamond, gold and fuel corruption?

As noted, Matanda-Moyo can’t lead a credible fight against corruption. She’s irredeemably conflicted. In 2017, her husband faced High Court indictment on fraud charges over proceeds of crime he allegedly received. She has the NASSA audit, does she have her husband’s docket?

What needs to be understood and acted upon is that systemic corruption involving USD billions is at the core of the unprecedented suffering of ordinary people whose livelihoods have been destroyed. The eyesore of this mega corruption is #TBgate: TBs abused for personal gain!

If #TBgate is understood as the reason for Zim’s current economic mess, causing untold suffering, and taking into account who the schemers and gainers of #TBgate are, there will be no economic turnaround; unless the architects and beneficiaries of #TBgate are held to account!

– Byo24News

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