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Like father like son: The rise of 15-year-old Uebert Angel Junior

He is only 15 years old, commands 37 000 followers on Instagram and 20 000 on Twitter. He is already addressing thousands of congregants in mega-churches around the world. Uebert Angel Junior, the son of Prophet Uebert Angel is literally walking in his father’s footsteps.

This past weekend UJ was in South Africa and was a special guest at Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s ECG church in Pretoria where he was given the platform to perform miracles on the sick and afflicted. “I want to thank God for this opportunity first of all,” he told thousands in attendance.

“My father says there is no such thing as coincidence. Coincidence is when God chooses to be anonymous. And I thank God for this anonymous connection between me and Major 1 (Bushiri).

“Listen, and I wanna thank my father Prophet Uebert Angel for this opportunity. For releasing me to the people of South Africa. And I wanna thank my Big Brother Major 1.”

UJ as he is known possesses his father’s confident arrogance. “JEALOUSY is the process WITCHES (haters) go through before they go graduate into real WITCHES. So when people hate you for NO REASON REMEMBER God loves you for NO REASON,” he writes in one of his Twitter posts last year.

Spirit Embassy: GoodNews Church founder Uebert Angel can look back as a proud parent and know that even when he is not around, his son is ready to pick up the mantle and keep the church growing. In several services in London, the teenager has also been allowed to preach and prophesy.

UJ has not been shy to acknowledge the part played by his father in his development, writing “Every successful business needs an accountant and every person who has greatness in them needs a father and a mentor, I’m blessed I have mine. .”

Learning from his father. UJ listens while his father Uebert Angel preaches in church

Ed Stetzer writing for Christianity Today tackles the prickly subject of succession in churches and says a number of things can make it difficult for pastors to step down or retire.

“These can range from a deep attachment to the church and a reluctance to relinquish their leadership of it, to fear of change and a resistance to enter into a season of retirement, to the need for financial security. This last reason can come from a very legitimate need.

“If they have been serving at a small church, they may have no means of retirement and only making ends meet. We need to find a way to ensure these pastors are cared for while the church is allowed to continue to grow into the next season of ministry and mission,” Stetzer argues.

Learning from his father. UJ listens while his father Uebert Angel preaches in church

Last year Uebert Angel told Nehanda Radio “church leaders must not rely on offerings from their congregation but should rather start businesses that are capable of financing their churches and ministries.” If he lives by that mantra could this explain allowing UJ greater responsibilities?

We could of course be cynical and say he is doing what most church leaders do “keeping it in the family”. Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa (ZAOGA) church founder Ezekiel Guti’s late son was also being primed to take over the church had it not been for a tragic pool accident in South Africa.

Parents battling drug-taking, gang involved, violent teenagers would gladly trade in for a church going son or daughter that has the aptitude to stand in front of thousands, preach and prophesy.

Mother’s Watchful Eye: Beverly Angel and son UJ

UJ already runs the GOODNEWS POINT “adopt a life program” where they move through the streets changing lives and paying school fees for kids and feeding the poor.

With a blossoming maturity beyond his years, he told his followers last year “If watches, clothes or material things are what your talking about when you say “I’m blessed” you have no idea what a blessing is. I’m blessed to be alive.”

In July last year UJ met Nigerian preacher Chris Oyakhilome, popularly known as Pastor Chris, and took to twitter writing; “I finally got to meet my spiritual Grandfather Pastor Chris!!? It was a blessing and an honour and I thank my father @uebertangel for this amazing opportunity!?

The youngman is certainly following in his father footsteps.