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Nelson Chamisa’s Lies Exposed By Zhuwao

MDC leader Nelson has been exposed for lying to the nation that the MDC run Harare City Councilbuilt a clinic in Hopley as part of the opposition party’s SMART policy.

Posting on Twitter Chamisa said, “Today I visited a newly built Tariro Clinic in Hopley constructed by Harare City Council and private sector. I was so encouraged by the council’s excellent work and SMART AGENDA. Service delivery is the focus. Salute the building of a world-class health facility for the community.”

Beauty Zhuwao the wife of exiled former Minister Patrick Zhuwao was quick to expose Chamisa by saying, “I hate to burst your bubble but that clinic was built by Ministry of Youth, Min of Local Government, the City of Harare in conjunction with UNFPA and ILO. Funding came from UNFPA  and ILO. See groundbreaking ceremony in 2017 by Kasukuwere and CT Cisse.”


Zhuwao further attached the pictures of the groundbreaking ceremony.

During the run-up to the 2018 elections, Chamisa was caught in controversy when he said he met America’s President Donald Trump and he promised him 15 billion dollars.


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