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Former Rhumba Star Peter Tangwena Struggling. Fellow Musicians Call For Help

The sad tale of one of Zimbabwe’s best Rhumba musicians Peter Tangwena has left many people rethinking their career choices. Peter Tangwena was the epitome of success around the year 2000. Many people marvelled at his booming music career.

Peter Tangwena: From riches to rags

Indeed his budding music career put him in the list of A list celebs in the country. He always appeared at his how’s a dresser in fancy clothes reminiscent of prominent Rhumba artists such as Koffi olomide. Even his back up dancers were always dressed to kill for shows. He was escorted in posh cars to attend events. The musician was living it up until he suddenly lost everything in the bat of an eyelid.

Chill spot records producer Levels recently posted a picture of himself together with the former star, who is now selling CD’s at Mereki shopping centre in Warren Park D. He said he had met him and felt saddened at what has become of the musician. Peter was hardly recognizable in the image.

Most people felt sorry for him and other musicians such as Jah Signal said that whenever they see Peter, they get scared of their future in the music industry. Others, however, commended Peter for eking out a living through honest means.

In one interview with the Herald last year, Peter Moyo relived his past life and where it had all gone wrong. He said that he had been fortunate enough to find sponsors for his musical brand. They were bankers and had promised to give him his heart’s desires if he continued performing well. They even paid for his dancers and arranged for cars to ferry him to wherever he needed to go. Peter had said that he wanted a house and other items. This would be given to him after 8 months of being assessed.

In the 7th month, his sponsors were implicated in a banking scandal and disappeared. Peter who had been solely relying on them for sustenance found himself out in the cold. Since ha had not bee receiving any salary from them save for petty cash for his day to day needs, Peter was left stranded. He was a backup singer for other artists for a short time and went back to his old vending career.

Most people have highlighted how most celebrities end up languishing in poverty at the end of their careers. Issues of improper management and lack of savings often lead to musicians dying as paupers.

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