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Sad Scenes Man Severely Burnt After Petrol Explodes In His Hands

A 19-YEAR-old Mutare man will live to regret keeping petrol in his house after he was severely burnt in the face and both arms when the highly inflammable liquid caught fire.

Tatenda Maorera (19) of Munyarari Village, 22 Miles under Chief Zimunya in Mutare district is recovering at Mutare Provincial Hospital from severe burns sustained after a 20 litre container filled with petrol that was in his house caught fire. After moments of pleading and prodding as he was reluctant to give The Weekender an interview from his Male Ward A hospital bed on Monday, Maorera said he was siphoning 10 litres of petrol from the 20 litres he was keeping in his house when the liquid caught fire.

He said he wanted to drive to the central business district to buy a birthday present for his child.

“It all happened when I wanted to go and buy a birthday present for my child. I decided to take 10 litres of petrol from the 20 litres that I was keeping in my house.

“As you are aware, we are having fuel challenges so I was keeping the 20 litres for emergencies. As I was emptying the 20 litre container, I suddenly saw myself in a ball of fire. I sustained injuries on both my arms as well as face. It is painful and I just hope I will be fine soon,” said Maorera.

He declined rumours that he was attacked by his wife.

“My wife was very helpful when it happened. She was not the one who caused the fire. I am not sure how the petrol ignited but I am sure that she is not the one to blame.

“In fact, she is the one who is assisting me since the day this happened. I know people talk a lot after such incidents but it is very much unfair to say my wife is to blame,” he said.

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