Home Politics WATCH: “2030 Ndenge Ndichiripo ” – Says President Mnangagwa

WATCH: “2030 Ndenge Ndichiripo ” – Says President Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has insisted that he will still be around in 2030. However, he did not make it explicitly clear whether he was referring to being in office or just being alive. Constitutionally, he is limited to terms in office and in the event that he wins a second term in 2023, this will end in 2028.

Mnangagwa told supporters and United National Population Fund (UNFPA) officials at this year’s celebrations to mark World Population Day,

To date, our country has managed to reduce new infections and AIDS-related deaths by 50% since 2010. We, therefore, continue working together for the attainment of global goal of zero tolerance to new infections by 2030.

Furthermore, as a government, we will build on the foundation of recent achievements to ensure the motto ‘Zero maternal deaths, zero violence against women and girls becomes a reality for everyone.

In 2030 I will still be there and I will be there observing if we have achieved our goals or not.