Home Politics WATCH: Zororo Makamba Ponders On Corruption In Zimbabwe

WATCH: Zororo Makamba Ponders On Corruption In Zimbabwe

Zororo Makamba has analysed how deep corruption is in Zimbabwe which he said was definitely killing the economy. He discusses how it is deeply entrenched in government departments and the consequences they have on the economy thereof. Among other ills, Makamba noted that corruption is bad for any economy because:

It increases the cost of doing business,
Chases away investors.
He notes that Zimbabwe was not short of institutions to deal with corruption saying they were rather too many making the process longer, tiresome but also necessary. He made reference to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s recent announcement that one needs to go past the police, National Prosecuting Authority, then Courts. He said that if corruption is not detected in one office, another office might detect it.

He said that what is needed is to empower anti-corruption institutions so as to avoid the “catch and release” situation whereby no convictions are being made. He said their limited fiscal space limits their autonomy and independence from political elites.

Watch the video below.

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