Baba Tencen Arrested for Passport Scam in South Africa. The Kuripwa Kugara self-made comedian was seen being arrested in a video that has gone viral on social media.

From what we could gather from the video, Baba Tencen makes money stamping passports and its not legal at all. Sporting a Manchester City jacket Baba Tencen is seen in handcuffs.

The person who was recording the video seemed to be ruthless but once the video was shared on Facebook Group Mvenge Mvenge, we understood why. Seems Baba Tencen has been scamming lots of people in South Africa.

Now the big question is whats next for the Comedian because he might be deported back to Zimbabwe. Considering how he has been saying bad things about Zimbabwe, we wonder where he is going to end up.

Watch the video as Baba Tencen is confronted by an angry mob. We will share a few comments that were posted on Facebook.

Here are a few comments from the Facebook Group Mvenge Mvenge…

Mungwaru Nyakupinda Zvino zvaaiwanzira Zimbabwe, ko akadzoserwa.

Shein Shalom Kuripwa kugara vakusungirwa kuba futi macelebrity epazimba

Stanley Chikenge Unosvika pa Border waku crosser passport yoiswa Ban ye 5years coz of people like him. Apa unenge usingazive kuti wakaisirwa fake stamp. it’s good he was exposed, Hurument haisi kuburitsa ma passport so ana dako ava ngava exposwe

Some were supporting Baba Tencen despite being arrested for the passport stamping scam…

Precious Musara Haiwawo siyai baba Tenson munhu wese arikungotsvaka hustle dzake, munhuwo murume uyu, he did wrong yes but kamuitire katinobva taita so maZimbaka, oh zvokwadi regai muone masvurirwe aticharamba tichiitwa nenhamo

We will give you more information as to what happened to Baba Tencen after he was arrested.

-mbare times