CROONER Sam Dondo says he would rather pamper his mother with gifts than slay queens.

The 34-year-old said this shortly after handing over a silver E240 Mercedes Benz to his mother Shorai Chimbwanda, 54, early this week as a surprise gift.

The affable and yet media-shy singer says his mother remains a pillar in his life after honing him to become an entrepreneur and musician.

Sam Dondo with his mother Shorai Chimbwanda

And he also brags that true love and remembering his roots were the best things she taught him.

As such, the Dyara Minamato singer says he would rather spoil his mother with gifts rather than slay queens trailing him like a shadow wherever he goes.

“I have been planning this (Mercedes Benz gift) thing for a while and I finally realised I needed to do something for her considering all she has done for me,” said Sam who finally posted his mother’s new wheels on social media to inspire others to follow suit.

Prior to his mother rolling with a Mercedes Benz, Sam he conceded that the one she had was having giving problem which prompted him to work hard.

“She is happy now that I acquired new wheels for her. She used to drive a Honda Odyssey, which was giving her problems.

“That alone prompted me to work extra hard and buy this gift for her.

“I personally imported it from the UK and I will continue doing my best for her and make my mother happy.

“She has always been there for us through thick and thin. She worked hard to put food on the table and made sure we had normal life even when times were hard,” he said.

Musically, Sam said his loving mother has never doubted his talent and potential in life.



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