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Mugabe Was Now Using Uber In Singapore – Jonathan Moyo

A female police officer salutes President Robert Mugabe as he arrive at the Parliament Building,Harare to address the State of the Nation.

One Uber driver in Singapore had the honour (or dishonour) of having former, President Robert Mugabe in his/her car. According to Former Minister of Higher Education, Jonathan Moyo his late boss, Robert Mugabe used Uber as his daily mode of transport in Singapore before he died. In an ope-ed, the exiled former Minister wrote:

Mugabe died not only out of office, but also out of the country with the attendant indignity in Singapore where, despite government claims that he was being accorded State facilitation and assistance, his regular mode of transport there was Uber taxis, as he had to make do with very little.

For someone who was rolling in a motorcade for 37 years and in a Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Guard last year, it must have been quite an uncomfortable experience to commute in Uber.

Is it true?
A picture circulating on social media (shown below) shows the former President’s wife and daughter about to get in a van of sorts. And, mind you, vans are the kinds of vehicles Uber offers for its Uber XL package. Is that one of the Uber XL vehicles Robert Mugabe’s family was using on that day?


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