Home Politics WATCH: “Mugabe Died In Exile” – Kasukuwere blasts Mnangagwa’s government

WATCH: “Mugabe Died In Exile” – Kasukuwere blasts Mnangagwa’s government

Former minister in Robert Mugabe’s government, Saviour Kasukuwere, has said that the late President Robert Mugabe effectively died in exile.

Speaking to the SABC on 11 September, Kasukuwere said:

It is very painful. President Mugabe is one man who said, I was born here, I will die here and I will be buried here. He’d have loved to die in his country. He’d have loved to be in Zimbabwe. But as it were he has died in Singapore.

This is not an easy occasion for those who know what he stood for.For him to have seen his last breadth, outside the country about the concerns that people have and about also how he felt.

Ask how this is a wider conversation about African leaders who don’t improve the health facilities in their country and have to be attended to in foreign hospitals, Kasukuwere said:

The circumstances that find him in Singapore for this extended period of time, that’s what concerns me. To an extent the harassment, the unfair behavior of some of the comrades who have now taken over the country. We must be clear to them, you cannot continue doing these things. Effectively, Mugabe died in exile.

-Pindula news