Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube has been taken to court by an Harare North Member of Parliament, Daily News has reported.

The paper states that MP Allan Norman Markhan wants the courts to declare that Mthuli Ncube acted unconstitutionally when he and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe borrowed money from the controversial AFREXIM Bank without parliament approval.

Said Markhan, “It’s time we start challenging some of these things than just keeping quiet. Justice must prevail, the law must be followed to the latter.”

Markhan argues that in November 2018 Afrexim bank gave Zimbabwe a loan of US$5 Billion and Ncube did not disclose the terms and intended use of the money.

The MP wants the court to also bar Ncube and the RBZ from any repayment of Afrexim loan until parliament gives a green light.

The controversial Afrexim bank has been bailing out Zimbabwe for many years and is the only bank that has publicly given loans to the country.

Opposition member sand civic society activists are on record questioning the relationship of Zimbabwe and the bank.

– Byo24News/Daily News


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