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Boss Spencer and Dollarbill’s lavish birthday party breaks the internet

For most people, each birthday is a high point of the year. It is a special day that can be spiced with a cake, ice cream, party and presents. As people get older, some start overlooking the importance of the day while others celebrate every birthday with the best possible party.

The late 16th president of United States, Abraham Lincoln once said, “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years. Make a toast to that”.

For many celebrities, having birthday parties means coming together with fans and friends to party in good places.

Locally, one of the celebrities who makes headlines with parties is Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure. Many other celebrities have been hosting spectacular parties and things are getting exciting with each event.

Two popular faces in the showbiz industry Spencer “Boss Spencer” Madziya and Hweva Joe Mvura, popularly known as Dollarbill, had a joint birthday party at Motor Action last weekend.

Boss Spencer turned 39 while Dollarbill is now 41.

The party ran under the theme “Bosses and Bills” in reference to their monickers.

What most guests who attended the lavish party didn’t know was that the two are former classmates at Allan Wilson Boys High School in Harare.

In fact, they were not born on the same day, but they share the same month. It was a night of booze, music, fabulous fashion and electric performances!

“I love you. I owe you and I am humbly honoured with your love family,” Boss Spencer said during a toast at the party.

“We are not only special but, you who are gathered here too are special, thank you for attending this party,” said Dollarbill.

Many popular faces in music, fashion, modelling and dance were there. The renowned faces of business and socialites were also there.

Ginimbi, Albert “Chief Albert” Ndabambi, Simbarashe Chakare (Bodyslam), Thomas Chizhanje (CST), Russell “Russo” Chiradza, Godfrey Bakasa (Vokal), Stunner, Shinsoman, Tumelo, Wanisai “Mahwindo” Mutandwa, Bazooker, Boss Pumaco and T-Fresh among others attended the event.

There was the VVIP area which was secure from the rest of the crowd, where Spencer and Dollarbill were seated sipping on wines, champagnes and cognacs.

Also outstanding was the fancy stage that was expertly lit with magical colours.

Boss Spencer opted for a casual look in white faded jeans, designer sneakers and a matching designer college jacket accessorised with African print courtesy of local designer Jay-Tee of S.O.G fame. Dollarbill wore an Arabic turban head gear and a white suit — looking expensive like a Sheikh.

Anyone would envy to be in the VVIP section for it was there that the party started. In fact, among the guests was a cross section of Harare’s society.

There were those who have made it, those who are still trying to make it and some who may never make it in life. There were several socialites who call themselves self-employed on their Facebook profiles.

And even though some were visibly tipsy, they still had time to pose for photographs with some A-listers.

No doubt, Shinsoman, Stunner, Bazooker and Boss Pumaco rocked the crowd wild with their amazing and fiery performances.

In an interview backstage, both birthday boys expressed gratitude and were happy with the turnout.

“There have been a number of birthday parties at Motor Action but I admit this has been the biggest party to date.

“The huge turnout is indicative of the love by music lovers in particular and Zimbabweans in general.

“I appreciate and cherish the support shown tonight because without the people this wouldn’t be a success. I wish my friend Dollar Bill a happy birthday too,” said Boss Spencer.

Dollarbill said: “This year I have done it with my guy Spencer to appreciate what he has done for arts industry. He is a hard worker and I wanted him to celebrate in style.”

Asked about the budget, Dollarbill said the set-up, performance stage, sound, lighting, food, drinks, barricades, VVIP and screens among others were evidence of good expenditure.

There was a great sign of creativity on the cakes.

Boss Spencer’s cake was black and gold in colour, designed like a safe box of money, with some US$100 notes slipping from the safe.

Dollarbill’s cake was an image of an old school stereo with some cassettes on the deck representing his disc jockey lifestyle.

The cakes were supplied by cake boss Mai Mwendamberi (Shez Daily Delight) while the cupcakes were by Delightful cakes.

The birthday boys also had to give guests a fiesta when they provided a spit braai. Too bad the boys are too humble that they did not slot a gifts session on their programme.

– Herald

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