In a bid to compel striking doctors to return to work from their crippling strike, the government has said doctors should return to work because other civil servants like teachers and nurses and soldiers are going to work despite their incapacitation. This was revealed by ZHRL Douglas Coltart who said:

Doctors are saying we are not on strike, we are failing to go to work, we are unable, we are incapacitated. A concession was actually made by counsel for the Health Services Board (HSB) to say that indeed doctors are incapacitated but they should just go back to work anyway because other civil servants are doing so.

Doctors went on strike last month. The strike was exasperated by the Junior Doctors’ leader Peter Magombeyi’s abduction. Doctors have ignored all calls to return to work since their strike began. The government and their unions failed to reach an agreement last week and doctors walked reportedly out of the negotiations.

– News DzeZimbabwe


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