Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa was almost denied entry to Harare Central Hospital yesterday by the hospital chief executive officer. Harare Central Hospital CEO Tinashe Dobbie was not happy that Chamisa was at the hospital on an assessment tour of the health facilities in Harare and tried to block him.

A strident Dobbie told Chamisa that it was not appropriate for him to show up without notifying the authorities first. Open Parly Zimbabwe reports that Dobbie told Chamisa,

It is not appropriate that you visit this facility without informing and alerting the relevant authorities.

Even when visiting a particular residency you inform folks about your visit. To make matters worse the media covering your tour has no authorisation to do so.

However, Dobbie failed to stop the tour and eventually left in a huff after being bombarded by numerous questions by the media.

Chamisa was on tour to assess the capital’s health facilities in light of the strike by doctors and nurses.


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