Home Politics WATCH: “Hatizivi Kuti Uchararama” – Mnangagwa fires warning shots at doctors

WATCH: “Hatizivi Kuti Uchararama” – Mnangagwa fires warning shots at doctors

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has issued a veiled threat against medical doctors who have not been reporting for work due to incapacitation. The doctors have continuously stressed that they are not on strike, insisting that they do not have any money for transport, food and other basics which will enable them to attend work.

Speaking at the Association of Rural District Councillors in Harare on Thursday, Mnangagwa warned that some of the striking doctors may not be able to survive what lies ahead.

NewsDay quotes the President as saying,

Last month we gave them an increment twice, but they refused to go back to work. Now we offered them 30% they refused. We offered them again 60% and still, they are refusing to go back to work. We are now looking for those possessed with Legion (demons). We saw that there are a few who went aside at night to some meetings and they come to influence others who want to go back to work.

Kana uchiti uri mhesvamukono hatizivi kuti uchararama here nokuti rwendo rwurefu, kana uchiti wakangwara uchaona kuti hauna (If you think you are a bullfrog, let’s see if you will survive what lies ahead, we have a long way to go yet. If you think you are clever then you will see that you are not.

Below is part of the speech from the President,

-Iharare News

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