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Watch:Zimbabwean Snake Handler Chawas FIGHTING An Aggressive PYTHON

Man holding a snake

In this video he fights and captures an aggressive python in  Tarzan like action scenes that would leave Hollywood stunt performers begging for a ‘schooling’.

The video starts with a scary yet maximum funny scene in which the aggressive python chases down Chawatama’s associate down some rocks in what appears to be a small mountain. The unidentified associate barely escapes the danger by a whisker, but a more remarkable feat is how he manages to keep on clutching to his dear Scud(Opaque Beer)

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Explaining the action scene, Chawatama whose ‘daredevil antics’ have earned him a keen cult following on social media said….


I was called in by cattle herders that had been encountering a large snake on their path on a Daily Basis and if nothing was done about relocating it they would take matters into their own hands. Sure enough, I got there to see that it was a large python. Chawa is a professional and we urge people to not try this at home.

-Iharare news

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