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WATCH:Tatelicious Savages Enzo Ishall After Dropping ‘Highest Score’ Music Video

Social media influencer Tatelicious has slammed dancehall singer Enzo Ishall after he dropped the visuals of his latest song ‘Highest Score’.

It is a track off Passion Java Records and it was directed by Buffalo Souljah.

The song is a departure from his usual style and it seems fans were not impressed.

Said Tatelicious


Dear Enzo please divorce yourself from Java. People related to your music because you where coming from humble beginnings. I know you don’t have O level and your sense of reasoning capacity is a bit dull.

But those who know you vanototi une A’level but your thinking capacity ndeye munhu asina ZJC.

I watched your new video,pandaona Java ndabva ndabaya exit,even the way you tried to sing in English ndashaya kuti ukuyedza kuti chiii.

The new song is a TOTAL MESS UP.

Let me educate you a little.

Jah Prayzah haana 0 ‘level raiva dofo zvaro kuSchool but HE CALLS THE SHOTS AT MILLITARY TOUCH MOVEMENT because he’s the money machine,ndiye anopinza mari mukambani.

Vana Keen nema degree avo havati bufu kana Jah ataura. Why is this so,because he’s protecting his Brand.

So hudofo hwekuchikoro haunei nemusic industry,WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE.

Watch the video for The Highest Score below


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