An HIV infected man was arrested by Police in The US on charges of human trafficking and s_x crimes. Jason Roger Pope, also known as DJ KID has been accused of trafficking black girls with speculation that the numbers could be in the hundreds with fears he may have infected all the women with AIDS.

In a two-span period starting in 2017, Pope allegedly forced four underaged girls, as young as 13, to perform s_x acts at his home. One of his alleged victims, a 17-year-old girl, told police Pope gave her money, drugs and/or other items in exchange for s_x. He was arrested on three counts of trafficking in persons, three counts of first-degree criminal s_xual conduct, and one count each of second-degree criminal s_xual conduct with a minor, promoting the prostitution of a minor and kidnapping.

However, police records going back as far as 2011, show that Pope has been arrested for s_xual misconduct with minors in the past. A 2011 incident report indicates a 13-year-old accused Pope of having s_x with her after a friend introduced them. He allegedly gave her marijuana and alcohol and she later found out he had AIDS, according to an incident report.

Jason Roger Pope also randomly posted pictures of the many women he had slept with and bragged about them on social media. According to a Facebook screenshot, Pope reportedly once bragged that “I’m 36 with 693 BODIES (All Black females), WBU?”

Below are some pictures of Pope with the women he was bonking as shared on his social media accounts.


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