Who is the real land baron here? You only find land barons in ZANU PF. People were given land and it was called Joshua Nkomo Housing Co-op. Billy doesn’t have any title deeds; it’s not his land.

ZANU PF has been the only party in power since 1980, setting up Cooperatives, so who really is the land baron in that regard? If they’ve decided to rescind their policy they must make it clear but not make people suffer.

Just because Billy’s Caucasian it doesn’t make him any less of a land baron. We’ve had enough and are tired of this. Continued protection like this only exposes one, such cases tarnish President Emmerson Mnangagwa. These are warning shots. Your involvement in Metbank is known too.

The truth will all come out. Not this sham support being given to Pres. Mnangagwa. We want upright politicians who are for the country and its President; not those who spend time in coffee shops doing underhand deals. Pres. Mnangagwa didn’t win because of the likes of such politicians.

-Pindula news


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