The late legendary musician and national hero Oliver Mtukudzi, who died this year on 23 January, will have his video song released on December 2 this year, the Tuku Music Company has announced.

The video is for the song Kusateerera, which ‘Tuku” performed with Hugh Masekela who is also late. Masekele died exactly a year before Mtukudzi, on 23 January 2018.

Tuku’s nephew and manager Walter Wanyanya told NewsDay that the project was done in memory of Hugh Masekela, who features in the video.

“The music video to be released on December 2 was done in memory of Hugh Masekela, who features on the song Kusateera.

“We were supposed to release the song in January this year, but we continue to celebrate the life of a man who touched so many with his music. In this case, we celebrate two men who touched Africa as a whole and the world at large through their music.

“The song is called Kusateera and comes from the album Eheka Nhai Yahwe,” he said.

Wanyanya said the video had young creatives that worked on this project, chosen by the late icon himself and led by Tendai Guzha, who was the producer of the video. The video was shot by Tinashe Ziswa and edited by Gwinyai Runyowa aka Verseless.

He said they were happy with the talent showcased by the young production team and hoped that can change the face of the film and music industry in the country.

“We believe the work that the young production team put into this is amazing, which included choreography by Tendai Guzha and will showcase the talent we have in our young creatives on being able to tell stories through video and film,” he added.

He also urged Tuku fans to be ready for more unreleased works by the late musician, which will be both audio and visual.

“Yes, we have more work from Mtukudzi visual and also audio, this will come in the near future, so people must look out for that too.”

Mtukudzi died at the age of 66 from diabetes.



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