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Mliswa warns Malema to stay out of Zimbabwe’s politics

NORTON legislator Temba Mliswa (INDEPENDENT) has said he is disturbed by South Africa’s EFF leader Julius Malema who indicated he wanted to mediate between self-exiled G40 gladiators and President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mliswa says just as Malema fights corruption in South Africa, Zimbabwe is also fighting against corruption and the exiled politicians are mere criminals running away from facing Zimbabwe’s laws against corruption.

“I was a bit worried when I read that my colleague Cde. Julius Malema had mentioned that he wanted to mediate in the G40. Let me say this to Honourable Malema, that there is a law in this country.

“As much as he fights against corruption in South Africa, we equally fight against corruption. The best that he can do to mediate is talk to his fellow friends to come and face the laws of this country.

“They committed a crime and as such, there is no political matter which is stopping them from being here other than that they committed crimes which are well known and they must face the courts of this country because we are a law-abiding country,” he said.

Mliswa said Malema is misinformed and advised him to stick to his principles of fighting corruption in South Africa as his services are not needed in Zimbabwe.

“He is misinformed by thinking that there is any political motive on that. It is purely a law issue which can only be addressed by the courts, so the mediator is already, there being the courts.

“We do not need him to mediate in matters which are before the courts in this country. May he stick to his principles of being an Honourable Member of Parliament who fights corruption in his country and allow us to fight corruption in this country.

“If he has decided to be an external affairs officer for the G40 then he must come out in the clean,” he said.

Former Cabinet Ministers Patrick Zhuwao, Saviour Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo and Walter Mzembi have been in self-imposed exile since their G40 faction in Zanu-PF was jettisoned from power.

Some of them have been attending conferences hosted by the EFF in South Africa. Julius Malema this week said that he was available to mediate between the former Zanu-PF bigwigs and President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

However, President Mnangagwa used Wednesday’s Zanu-PF politburo meeting to warn top ruling party officials against interfacing with the former G40 functionaries, warning that stiff action will be taken against offenders.

The President also described G40 as enemies of the State and a threat to national security.

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