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Latest: Matemadanda confirms Grace Mugabe’s prophecy to topple Mnangagwa

ZANU PF National Political Commissar Victor Matemadanda has confirmed a prophecy that was given by Harare based Bishop Charles Motondo regarding a woman who is working with people outside the country to topple the government of President Ememrson Mnangagwa.

Speaking to the media recently Matemadanda said, “Here you have some lady who has been keeping the corpse in her bedroom, when her mother died, the President had to charter a plane to get her so that she buries her mother and she sings praises ah vaMnangagwa vakanaka ah I didn’t know, he is like an angel but only six days ago she was in a meeting with these fools planning on how they think they can overthrow this government.

“Why are they doing that? It is not for them; it is for the people that we defeated in the battle field. ..my word to them is that we know all these machinations, we know why there are so many issues on the social media giving an impression that there is insecurity in Zimbabwe and they are trying also to scare away investors, whenever the President is out trying to lure investors hee Tyson Wabantu is coming, what is Tyson in the security set-up of this region and this country? Can we lose sleep because there is a person called Saviour Kasukuwere coming, was he not here? Why didn’t he act? Why did he run out nxa eyindoda sibili?”

On the 9th of October 2019 Bishop Charles Motondo made a revelation that a woman was working with people outside the country to wrestle power away from the current government. The Bishop refused to name the individuals fingered in the prophecy.

The Bishop warned the government to be vigilant against the plot and encouraged Zimbabweans to pray against any machinations being planned by the woman and the people outside the country.

Watch the full interview below:


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