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There is man’s time, then there is God’s time: Goreraza




The repeat button in my head is on and I’m getting myself a second serving of a book about the coup- “Two week in November”.
It’s like watching a movie with no sounds and pictures, just words on paper, processed into audio and visual by the computer which God put in our heads.
Kasukuwere, Jonathan and Chombo and their families had a small taste of the horror and terror Gukurahundi and 2008 victims experienced. Unlike the poor and already suffering villagers who were murdered, raped, burnt, beaten and dispossessed, in affected areas around Zimbabwe, Jonathan and friends hid behind huge properties with high walls with human and electronic security. More importantly they had status. Had anything happened to them, the whole world would have known. But the poor people in Matebeleland, Midlands, Mashonaland and Manicaland were unknown and today only their families remember them.

But God has

not forgotten. To God Gukurahundi and 2008 are still fresh. 50 years to God is not even 5 seconds. 50 years to God is a heartbeat.

So while perpetrators are sure they got away with it, they are in for a big surprise. There is the justice of man then there is the justice of God. There is the punishment of man then comes the punishment of God. Man has prisons and God has just one prison.

You can elude man and escape his punishment. But where can you hide from God who does not forget and knows the dry leaves that fall from every tree on earth and every mosquito buzzing in the air? You who have killed his children, do you really think he has forgotten what you did?

There is man’s time and then there is God’s time.




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