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A Harare woman was caught cheating with 16 boyfriends as husband leaks chats of the s_x e_scapades.

Munashe Charlene Ncube, 24, of Damofalls is said to have gone into hiding after her husband Erkridice Makomo leaked chats revealing unprotected s_x esc_apades, sleep over nights and n__d_e images sent to boyfriends while he is sleeping beside.

Makomo said he took his estranged wife Munashe to a nursing school and recently bought her a brand new stove and a refrigerator worth ZW$14900, and would give her money which she spent on boyfriends buying them fuel.
“I discovered from the chats when I took the phone because she never wanted me to touch her phone.
“She would even got to bath with it but now i have the phone with me
“I got the shock of my life to see chats of over 16 boyfriends some of which are hidden in GB WhatsApp version.
“I also found out that in December last year she went to sleep at one of the boyfriends named Kudakwashe Masoka during the Christmas period while i was out working for three days


“She no longer wanted to have s_x with me and she gave all sorts of silly excuses achiti ane mudumbu.
“She stole my US$40 and I suspect from the chats that she is now staying with Kudakwashe.
“Ndaimupa mari iye achinotengera petrol ma boyfriends nekudya ne zvikomba zvake mari yandai shandira,” he said.



Another alleged boyfriend named Simbarashe Gwese called on Munashe mobile phone which is in the possession of the husband and hurled insults at Makomo.
“Iwe, ndikuda kutaura na Munashe, ukutaura zvekuti mukadzi wako ko mukadzi wako haa haataurwe naye kuti zviite sei.“Ndikuda kutaura nemukadzi wako kwete nemi, mupei phone,” said Gwese.

Makomo further explained his ordeal saying they have not sired a child for the four years they have lived together and his wife.
“I would come back after two days and find dirty dishes and when I ask her she would say siyanai ne zvinhu zvemu kitchen.
“There is a Doctor in Norton named Obed Skin whom she is also flirting with and this guy had been asking for s_x from my wife,” he said.

Makomo and his uncle have since created a WhatsApp group including the 16 boyfriends to shame her wife and the boyfriends have been sharing moments they had with Munashe.
H-Metro caught up with one of the boyfriends in Norton, Ranganai Forichi said he met Munashe in September last year.

“Ndakamuona akadhakawa ndikamutengera mvura pandai taura naye akati ndi single mother ndikabva ndaita attack.
“Munhu we vanhu and ndewe ma sports saka hapana hapana,” said Forichi.
Another named Floyd Gadzikwa denied speaking further saying he is busy at work while one Tawanda Mapako said Munashe is just a friend.
“I saw her last week in Damofalls and we have known each since high school in Mabvuku.
“She is my friend’s girlfriend not mine,” said Mberi.

Other alleged boyfriends’ mobile phones went unanswered when H-Metro tried to reach out and the other names leaked include Kudakwashe Masoka, Cain Chikomo, Rajin Mukangaza, Kudakwashe Masikati, Obed Skin and one Alton Masongamai who denied the allegations

Some of the leaked chats revealed to H-Metro suggested Munashe begging for unprotected se_x and that she could be pregnant with Kudakwashe’s baby.

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