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Former GNU Minister Condems Mnangagwa’s ‘Big Man’ approach in Constitution Amendments

Former Government of National Unity Constitutional Affairs Minister Advocate Eric Matinenga says the constitutional ammendments being carried out by president Emmerson Mnangagwa is tantamount to the ‘Big Man’ syndrome they wished to dismember when they adopted the 2013 constitution.

In an Interview posted by Hopewell Chin’ono on social media, the advocate criticises all President Mngangagwa is doing as undermining the democratic processes.

Among the things he lamented is the issue of appointing judges which he feels is appropriate in holding whoever is nominated to account.

This he says is paramount in establishing strong institutions in Zimbabwe.

“In introducing a new system of appointing judges, we took on board the feelings, the perceptions of the population by introducing a public interview so that everybody can judge that A can be a good judge or B can be a good judge.” he said.

Recently the president was given powers to appoint judges as per te Judiciary Service Commision (JSC) recommendation.

“Under Section 180 of a subsection allowing the President, upon recommendation of the Judicial Service Commission, to appoint a sitting judge to be the judge of a higher court wherever a vacancy at such a court arises;

Appointment of judges of the Constitutional Court for a non-renewable term of not more than fifteen years, who may also be appointed as judges of the Supreme Court or High Court if they are eligible for such appointment, after completion of their term;”

See the video below:

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