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Mnangagwa In Personal Security Changes: Soldiers No Longer Reliable

President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa recently made some security changes as mistrust grows within the coupe administration. The ZanuPF leader dropped soldiers from his close security team opting to have the CIOs instead.

According to security contacts the move happened in December and is meant to plug all weaknesses the previous team had.

There is a lot of mistrust between the number one and his deputy Constantino Chiwenga since the latter’s return from China in the early hours of a November Saturday.

It is believed soldiers who made up the huge number of ED’s security personnel were spying on him. Suspicions started after first lady Auxilia blasted General Murombo.

In an audio that went viral the first lady could be heard screaming at the Presidential guard leader pleading for him not to kill her as she has kids to look after. T

he relationship between ED and Chiwenga is said to have strained over the past twelve months with poisoning the main reason.

The retired General believes his poisoning was from people on the other side of the camp that wanted him out.

One of our security contact believes the President has lost trust in his deputy after he become more secretive since his return.

“It only makes sense for the President to have his own people around him, he cannot continue to have soldiers when the same are loyal to number 2.

The mistake he did in 2017 was to allow the CIO to be weakened as Military intelligence took over, that was his major downfall.

CIOs are way better at security than soldiers, these are war people and not trained to gather intel etc hence you see them moving with AK47s at every public event”.

Upon his return from China, Vice President Chiwenga was said to be planning a coup with several online reports pointing to the fall of Mnangagwa something which has not yet happened months later.

We have not been able to verify coup rumours but it appears the chances are remote as ED still has the backing of most African head of states. The latest changes in security by ED could be a sign of things to come as he slowly moves away from being a man of the army.


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