Mukoko hit maker might have gone broke after he walked away with little funds to sustain him after his break up with Olinda.

Tytan has hit hard times abroad and close sources say he is forced to get into the streets anytime soon.

After extorting money from the UK based business woman Tytan has been failing to maintain his lifestyle as a public figure back home.

Despite having a child with OC the Pamha singer is believed to be failing to come up with money for Nandi’s upkeep.

Close friends disclosed that he vowed to die trying than to go back home.

It seems like all bad luck to all men OC cries for as they do not get successful after hurting her.

2019 was a year that started great for Tytan as he got married and moved to the UK to be with Olinda Chapel who spoilt him. Olinda Chapel gave Tytan access to drive her luxury Mercedes Benz, she bought him a new MacBook and IPhone and even an Iwatch.

Tytan wore the coolest and trending designer clothes.

Olinda Chapel worked hard and provided everything for Tytan since he did not have a permit to work.

Tytan must of got too comfortable and cheated on Olinda Chapel numerous times while she was Pregnant. After Olinda Chapel gave birth Tytan had a little more responsibilities which included taking care of the baby while Olinda Chapel was working.

This new responsibility may have been too much for Tytan as he left and Abandoned Olinda Chapel and a newborn to fend for themselves.

Tytan has vowed that he won’t comeback to Zimbabwe and will find a way to survive in the UK


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