There are messages circulating on social media allegedly originating from the Movement For Democratic Change- Alliance (MDC-A) Secretary General (SG) Charlton Hwende begging an unnamed man to threaten freelance journalists David Chidende for exposing Hwende’s infidelity.

Hwende is alleged to have used his influence as the SG to impr_gnate several girls from his party.

On his leaked chats to one Chief, Hwende wanted Chidende to be threatened with unspecified actions and also be labelled a CIO operative to disassociate him with his colleagues.

“Chief I need a huge favour. There is a journalist called David Chidende, he is tagging people claiming that I impr_gnated someone from the party. I need him to be stopped Chief with a warning. If you warn other journalists that he is a CIO and they must be careful, it will work” reads one of the leaked chats.

Hwende later called upon the unnamed Chief to communicate with him on his email, [email protected]

It was not clear what actions Hwende wanted to be taken against Chidende to stop him from writing about him.

This is not the first time an MDC official has been accused of impr_gnating members of the party. Job Sikhala was once accused of the same offence.

This is a developing story…