Here are the reasons why you find it hard to keep your husband to yourself.

1. They are complete. They are a finished product. They do not need panel beating. Wherever you see there is perfection. All the things that take years to build are found in married men. They are already in the future. They are doctors, presidents, teachers, engineers etc. Single men only have potential.

2. They have all the things that women find so attractive. Their clothes are ironed, the shoes are always shining. They have clean boxers. They have well shaved hair and beards. They smell good. Their wives play a major role in how they appear. A wife makes a man look the way she likes. Unfortunately that’s what other women like too.

3. Most of the money in Zimbabwe is controlled by married men. Whoever has money has the power to get anything money can buy. Brazilian hair, designer clothes, outings to nice places plus food, bundles and talk time can only be bought with money. And its a known fact that there are very few women who don’t love money. The easiest way to find money is not to say no to a married man. Single men often have the looks and the words, but not the money! That’s why you find a ka beautiful nice girl glued to an old big man with a very rough skin that has pot holes.

4. Most married men have positions. They are bosses, they own companies and run businesses. They have the power to employ and fire. The power to fail or make a student pass. In our society today, men are viewed as the alpha and omega. Therefore, women both married and single opt to use men as a short cut to power. They have realized that the majority of men have a great appetite to sleep with women other than their wives. They are aware that s_x means a lot to men. Some can give up an entire estate in exchange for s_x.

5. Parasite mentality is another reason why married men are in trouble. Women have this strange dependency on men. They can’t just do anything to sustain themselves. The only way is to look for a donor. Usually it is the married men who do such things well.

6.Men are now like parking spaces. The majority of good ones are married leaving behind the bad ones. Some single women always look forward to eliminate wives so that they jump in.

7. Foolishness of some married women is also to blame. Every time they praise their husband before their friends. My husband has a big machine, my husband keeps us well, my husband is kind,my husband…. That makes their friends to look for a way to confirm what they hear.

-Create your own ideal man.
-You are likely to die single if you love hanging around with married men.
-Learn to be independent.


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