Chaos broke out at Dominican Convent in Harare early Tuesday as the top Catholic school locked out all students and demanded a RTGS$27, 000 fees hike.

This happened on the first day of schools in Zimbabwe with parents arriving at the school to find that was a different sight altogether with students not allowed to get inside the premises.

According to parents at the school, the school has not opened.

Pictures from the scene show parents and students waiting outside the Catholic school as the school officials refuse to open the school gates.

One parent said, she arrived at 06:08 at the school and upto now at 07:30, the school hasn’t opened.

Word is they are demanding parents pays RTGS$27000 per child, which goes against everything the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education said about school fees hikes.

Another parent was nice enough to share some comments from the parents Whatsapp Group, see below:

We are now faced with one option to go to the urgent chamber application route

Ask Shiri as the SDC Chair handiti he is on this group and also sits on the board, he must explain this.

Tapiwa kindly explains to parents why you and your cabal are doing these things that you know are illegal and immoral.

The school should be embarrassed

Yaa it is chaotic here at DC all kids locked out.

According to more parents, the school never communicated the amount of the fees until today. Funny thing is they have an App that they specifically set up to update parents to things like school fees, but no one got the update except today on the opening day.

We are still trying to reach the officials from the school to get an insight as to why they locked all the kids out.

We will update you when we get more information but at the moment the school is demanding parents pay their required amount.

-Mbare Times


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