After Her Recent visit to Harare’s popular cleric Prophet Walter Magaya’s Church Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Church (PHD), Bounty Lisa’s fortune is yet to turn for the best as her tumour is still haunting her.

The social media personality Mai Titi decided to make a courtsey call at Bounty Lisa’s residence and decided to share the predicament her co entertainer is in to her loyal 230k Mai T’s Diaries  facebook followers.

“Went to see Bounty Lisa oh she not feeling well let’s pray for her.Get well soon chimhamha” 


The five year old growth can be seen visibly under her clothing.

This definately affects her work which involves standing on two feet for hours.


She was once married to fellow musician Soul Jah Luv and they broke up under unclear circumstances.


                         During happier times with Soul Jah Luv