President Emmerson Mnangagwa who is currently on his annual leave until the end of January embarked on a familiarisation tour of the Zimbabwe Technology Company (ZITCO) at a TelOne factory site in Harare this morning.

ED Tours TelOne’s Factory Site
                                                                               ED Tours TelOne’s Factory Site


He toured the ICT devices factory and met the team of the engineers and technicians working on the plant where laptops and desktops are being assembled.

A team of the engineers and technicians working on the plant where laptops and desktops are being assembled


Watch Video while on tour:

The president once again interrupted his leave on Tuesday and jetted off to Mozambique to attend the inauguration of Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi following his re-election in October last year.

ED said that Nyusi was like a brother to him and when he was inaugurated in 2018, Nyusi came to show his support in spite of the fact that he was in the middle of an election.

Questions have been raised about the president still performing his executive duties while he is on leave.

Prominent constitutional lawyer Thabani Mpofu has said President Mnangagwa had abdicated his position and should, therefore, step down.

Reads a part of Mpofu’s statement

At any rate, it is not open to the president, during the period in which an Acting President is in office, to exercise, on a random basis, the already delegated functions of his office. Executive authority cannot at that level be shared and once delegated, constitutional authority cannot thereafter be exercised by the delegator. The president cannot have it both ways. Either he retains his authority in which event he exercises it, or he delegates it in which event he loses it for the period of the delegation.

As a result, the country is currently operating under an illegal regime in which the president has not only abdicated his constitutional obligation to observe the law but has altogether repudiated his position as president.



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