Harare Live witnessed a nasty war of words broke out on Twitter yesterday between spokesperson of the National Patriotic Front Jealousy Mawarire and former MDC-T Vice President Obert Gutu following the latter’s Twitter post in which he questioned why the country had more churches than industries.

“I have got absolutely nothing against the Church. I was actually born & bred in the then Dutch Reformed Church (DRC), now the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe.(RCZ).
My main worry is when a country has got more churches & ‘prophets’ than it has got factories & industries!,” said Gutu.

This forced Mawarire to shoot back saying churches were open during weekends when industries were closed.

Mawarire did not end there but mocked Gutu as a dunderhead lawyer.

“Churches are open on Saturday & Sundays when industries are closed, where is the link Dunderhead Lawyer?,” responded Mawarire.

Gutu hit back labelling Mawarire an excuse of a journalist.

Shut up, you EXCUSE of a “journalist”….🤪🤪🤪

MAWARIRE: I left journalism more than a decade ago, only dunderhead lawyers with 3rd class degrees are not aware of that.

GUTU: You’re an EXCUSE of a “journalist”….
A hopeless & utterly broke political waif, scrounging for a living.
Have a life…!!😅😅😅😅

MAWARIRE: Since when have meals been “square? ” That’s the dunderhead frivolities you are exhibiting here. I eat from round plates, mheno kwenyu kuPolad kwamunoisirwa ma”square meal”, eat those alone.

MAWARIRE: Ukaona uchidada nekudya sadza then it explains why you are in Polad, looking for a “square meal” nemhazha yese iyoyo? Some of us are very broke but still parking some Mercedes S-classes in the garage, that’s the definition yokuchona yatakadzidziswa kuchurch iyoyo



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