Controversial raunchy dancer and leader of the Sexy Angels dance group, Beverly Sibanda is now officially off the market. The dirty dance tied the knot at the Harare Magistrates’ Court this morning. iHarare is yet to confirm the identity of the ‘lucky’ gentleman who finally managed to convince the dancer to get hitched. However, iHarare will update the article with images from the court as soon as they come in.

Bev, as the dancer is affectionately known by her legion of fans and admirers, has been involved in a number of controversies and has in the past spoken disparagingly about getting married. As recently as November 2018, the dancer claimed that it would not be easy for her to get married because she was so invested in her dancing career. This was after social media went into overdrive alleging that South African based businessman Agrippa “Boss Bvola” Matambo wanted to pay lobola, the customary bride price for her.

Curiously, the sultry dancer also vented saying that such reports would have a negative impact on her social life as people would not approach her assuming that she was hitched. She famously declared,

Off market chii? Muchatotadzisa kunyengwa imi ndi promoter uyu…Mamwe mabatiro amunotiita pamapics ndooanozoti vanhu vati ndakurooriwa pachikore kore…Handiroorwe zwekumhanya ko ma dhanzi ndosiira ani.

This Is A Developing Story. More Details To Follow.