Home Entertainment Passion Java considering suing Enzo Ishall for breaching contract

Passion Java considering suing Enzo Ishall for breaching contract

Passion Java is reportedly planning to sue Zim dancehall star Enzo Ishall after the Zim dancehall star signed with new management team Teemak Promotions despite having a verbal contract with the popular church preacher. Passion Java reportedly paid Chillspot Records R200 000 to buy Enzo Ishall’s contract from Chillspot Records. Passion Java also bought him a car and his bills according to Lashan, his spokesperson.

“Enzo is our artist . We paid money to Chill spot. Confirm with Chillspot. We bought him a car and paid his bills. We are happy for him but he breached our agreement. We want to be compensated. He hasn’t communicated with us. We do not wish him bad. We want to solve this amicably.”

Enzo Ishall most recently signed a new record deal with Teemak  Promotions after it was announced he was leaving Chillspot Records. Passion Java had also funded the video for Highest Score which was not well received by fans.

Teemak has vowed to pay financial compensation to Passion Java provided it is justified.

Passion Java posted a video in which he threatened to deal with Enzo Ishall and his new management through the courts.

Fellow zimdancehall star Seh Calaz has advised Enzo Ishall to build his own brand and avoid being signed by anyone as he will keep going in circles.

“Kuramba uchitengwa tengwa kunge munhu webhora my yout unoramba uchitenderera you should learn from your mistakes because zvawatiza uko zvinogona kuitika futi kwawaenda ikoko. You are the boss, you are the brand ita your own hustles apa you will keep on going circles.”

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