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The killing of a top South African cop by Zimbabwean man has sparked protests against foreign nationals in Diepsloot

A Zimbabwean based in South Africa Preymore Dube was arrested yesterday for allegedly shooting Diepsloot police captain Oupa Matjie, 54. Dube reportedly shot Matjie three times in the head who died on the spot. Dube claimed that he didn’t know that Matjie was a police officer when he shot him.

Furious South African Police Service officers can be heard in the video declaring war on Zimbabweans who they say should just go back to their country.

Today residents of Diepsloot this barricaded roads with rocks and burning tyres in protest of the killing captain Oupa Matjie. Residents blame the rise in violence on foreign nationals. Preymore Dube the suspected murderer is a Zimbabwean. Last year in August violence against foreign nationals broke out after a suspected foreign drug dealer shot dead a taxi driver. At least two Zimbabweans were killed in the attacks. Hundreds of Zimbabweans were displaced from their homes.

Preymore Dube is expected to appear in Randburg court today.

-Vantu News

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