Daisy Mtukudzi: It’s not my job to help poor people. However Daisy’s advice to people in dire situations is very simple, work hard and mind your business. Tuku’s death was dogged by estate wrangles, family feuds and succession fights on who would take over the Tuku legacy among his daughters.

The late Oliver Mtukudzi’s wife Daisy has said it’s not her duty to help poor people. Daisy has rubbished claims that she is an ‘evil’ and ‘heartless’ woman and a cruel mother.

Daisy revealed to HMetro that there is plenty of unreleased stuff left by Tuku which will be released soon. “Tuku has a lot of unreleased stuff that we are definitely going to release with time but we are not in a hurry to release it.

“I will continue operating the way we used to do with Oliver, aiwanzoti kumhanya handiko kusvika. “Handina kana competition right now saka hapana chandiri kumhanyira hangu,” she says. She also hinted on a new album due for release as part of the commemorations and will be called Abi Yangu 2.

She revealed that it carries eight tracks and that it was recorded in Norton and it will be released soon. Daisy said she’s still grieving her husband but she has learnt to live without him.

“As a widow, I have learnt that I cannot keep on mourning because of hapana paachafa akamuka Oliver. “Oliver played his part and it’s up to me to continue working hard otherwise ndinofa nenzara mukatanga kundinyora futi kuti ndave kutambura.

Speaking on her strained relationship with Mtukudzi’s daughter Selmor from his first marriage Daisy said she’s had enough of it. “There is nothing I can say about the issue because whatever I say it will be misinterpreted.

“If Selmor or whoever you want to bring to the fore has said something against me, I won’t say anything. “What I know is that newspaper outlets are out to sell their news and make money but what I know is that the truth shall set me free.

“I know I have never wronged anyone and God is my witness. Daisy said its not her duty to save everyone and help out all the poor people. “I’m not mandated to help all the poor but I can only assist where I can.

“My advice to those who might want to come to me asking for help is very simple: work hard and mind your business. “Where is it written that I must help people who are in need all the time? “I’m also widowed with my own problems that need to be attended to.”

– iHarare


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