RAUNCHY dancer Beverly Sibanda has taken to social media to address media reports that she is pregnant with her newlywed hubby, Chambuka Mufudzi.

Bev wed Mufudzi at the Harare Magistrates Court mid-week, after which media reports that she was already pregnant with the UK-based medical professional went into a crescendo.

Chambuka is registered on the United Kingdom Companies House Government website as a 48-year-old British national who practices and resides in the UK. Not much about him is known beyond that, or how he and Bev managed to date and keep their relationship from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

After taming the vivacious Bev and getting her to sign on the marriage certificate, Mufudzi will be returning to the United Kingdom, leaving Bev to continue with what she knows best: gyrating on stage in front of drooling male fans.

But, is Bev pregnant?

The dancer had to address the rumours once and for all.

A video she shared on Instagram showed she is not. In the video, released a day after the wedding, Bev shows a receipt from a pharmacy where she bought a pregnancy test kit, and the results of the test: NEGATIVE.

But not only that. As she shows off the results, Bev chants verses from Ammara Brown’s Svoto song, taunting those who were spreading rumours that she was already expecting a baby.

Or was she taunting those who haven’t yet found a marriage partner? It could be both…

-Zimbabwe Voice


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