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Does Chamisa Really Have New V11’s That 2018 Election Was Rigged

Opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader, Nelson Chamisa has claimed that he now has fresh evidence that the 2018 presidential elections were rigged

Chamisa who is reportedly in South Africa to persuade the Pretoria administration to intervene in the Zimbabwean crisis said there can never be elections until today’s questions are resolved.

“2023 elections are out of question we will not be able to have 2023 until we resolve the modern-day questions. Today’s questions are so pertinent to be resolved. What needs to be done is to resolve the unresolved 2018 disputed elections so that we pave way for any future election otherwise we continue to have a recycling of the same old problems, a vicious cycle that has to be capped in having free and fair elections.

“What is interesting in the context of Zimbabwe elections is that we now have fresh evidence after the constitutional court determination of the dispute between us and the Mr Mnangagwa particularly in the Zimbabwe Election Commission report that was put in parliament wherein the commission is indicating that they flouted the law and procedures of holding and announcement of elections,” he said

Chamisa said the evidence has to be brought to the attention of regional leaders and the African Union as a way of confirming that elections were rigged.

“The evidence has to be at the doorstep of SADC, AU and of cause South Africa and President Ramaphosa to show and validate the fact that indeed elections in Zimbabwe were rigged and were stolen. What we then need going forward in the context of AU and SADC is make sure that we have comprehensive reforms”

Failure to resolve the issues, Chamisa said will result in a repeat of the 2018 dispute and Zimbabwe will be on the SADC and AU agenda thereby becoming a nuisance.

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