THE newly appointed Chairman of the African Union AU, South Africa’s President Cyril Rampaphosa is following in Robert Mugabe’s footstep and he seems intent on seeing the land issue settled when he made the popular remark,

“Donald Trump must keep his America and we will keep our South Africa”.

This echoes the late Robert Mugabe’s stance on Britain when Zimbabwe engaged in the controversial Land Reform Program which saw the eviction of white commercial farmers from their farms.

Although the move was unpopular and caused Zimbabwe to be slapped with sanctions which are even still at play today, we are yet to see what Ramaphosa’s move will lead to.

Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julias Malema will surely have something to say about this.

Ramaphosa in a bold move has begun telling America not to interfere in South African Affairs.

“What does Trump know about South Africa, he has never been here”, says the ANC President.

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