Prophecy: Another Boko Haram Coming To Zimbabwe Unless The Secret ‘Sponsor’ Is Exposed {Watch}

SOCIAL and mainstream media is awash with stories directly or indirectly concerning Mashurugwi with over a hundred deaths having so far recorded to date. The tide seems to be shifting towards an incontrollable security situation with a lot of speculation as to the role of powerful politician behind behind.

This reflects the prophecy given by self proclaimed prophet T Sawana who says the a much worse situation is coming unless authorities arrest the situation.

He says a new terrorist like organisation will be established in the country.

“There is this group…. mashurugwi…its going to be worse. Why? These people have a secret sponsor who is recruiting them from big villages giving them promises of heaven on Earth.” He says.

The police seem  either reluctant to deal with the situation or unalbe to control it, the prophet says the government should give stiffer penalties to perpetrators of machete violence.

The government needs to, “tighten a bit the law” because there is going to be, “…another Boko Haram in Zimbabwe. Sawana says.

The only solution, before this organisation adopts guns and ammunation,  would be the government to expose this secret sponsor.

“But all this will end when the secret sponsor is exposed”. he says.

These activities would affect tourism in Zimbabwe he further gives prophecy.

watch Below:

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